How to Display Your Bedroom Shelves?

Displaying shelves can be one of the most challenging tasks especially when you have no idea of what you want but worry no more because it will soon be one of your most enjoyable tasks. It could be either in a new home or maybe just making changes in your old home but you have to know how to balance right.

Steps on how to display bedroom shelves

Start by clearing everything from the shelves, clean them up and put all your stuff together in order to know what you don’t have. Choose a theme color for your shelf. I would recommend you should use colors that work well together unless you are looking for an indistinct touch. Use two or three colors, mix and match with touches of plants either natural or artificial, prints and some ceramics which makes it beautiful and attractive.

Collect your items together, this will help you have an idea of how you will decorate your shelves or rather what you want it to look like. Consider storage solutions on the shelves of which you can use small cute boxes to store small items or you could divide your shelves in a way that all your items will fit in a nice way because if the items are congested it becomes boring.

Balance is the key thing so don’t be afraid to move items until you get the perfect balance and also wide space since it makes the shelves look good. You can start with the smallest items on the top shelf running down with your heaviest items at the bottom shelf or vice versa. Add some cozy elements like candles, pillows or those that add an additional light to your room or any other way to add instinct cozy space.


By following the above steps and some additional creative touches I assure you, that you will feel right in your bedroom and you will be confident and interested about it and you will be doing it often. You only have to avoid overdoing every tip especially on colors, sizes and where the items are located because visual balance is the general style and it gives the room attractiveness. You can also check the following article link by Tylko’s to get some deep insights: