Interview With An “Entrepreneur”

So I get a call from this guy who says a friend (who I do know) recommended me to order a resume at professional cv writing services when apply for some position. I meet him at a coffee shop to discuss the offer. Five minutes in and I know it’s a pyramid scheme. He “dazzled” me with buzzwords and tried to school me on manufacturing processes: “This how products are distributed – from a manufacturer to the stores…” Mind you, I am majoring in Industrial Engineering and I am listening to some guy explain the very basics to me… I wasn’t impressed.

So here’s where I am tying this in… what impresses you? What impresses other potential candidates for employment? How could this guy have really impressed me?

Well, besides the fact that he refused to give me any job description until I “go to a special business course,” because apparently the title of “Selling Crap to People and Giving Me Half of Your Money” isn’t simple enough for me to understand. Does involving yourself and employing yourself in a pyramid scheme qualify you as an entrepreneur? Where should you draw the line?

Before I digress farther from my first questions… what impresses people?

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Remember – you still have an image to set.

When I saw the interviewer walk in (let’s name him Bob), there were certain personality characteristics that stood out which made me instantly question whether he was a legitimate entrepreneur. He lacked confidence, clarity, and he was trying to sell a convoluted idea, as opposed to a clear-cut business plan.

So are people who participate independently in these commission-based programs entrepreneurs or suckers?

It hurts to say that they are suckers… only hurts because I have a friend who actually referred me to the ‘position’ (and a relative or two who are neck-deep in this junk).

Anyways, mid-way through the interview, I took control. I sat back, sipped some hot chocolate (because coffee is gross), and started asking him questions (no, I wasn’t being a jack***… I just figured I could squeeze out some material for this write-up). I asked him if he had a boss – he said he was self-employed. So I wondered how many people he employed… his answer? Zero. Well, that is fine – you don’t have to have employees to run a business. Bob then explained how I, too, would be self-employed and run my own business! What a deal!

He then explained how many phases of payment I could climb – I could make $4,000/month in Phase 1… and DOUBLE in Phase 2! When I asked if it was a salary, he said it was commission-based… aww…

It isn’t impossible to be successful with these programs. You sometimes get out as much as the work you actually put in.


This is not an accurate definition of an entrepreneur. Being the “middle man” or “part of the team” in these programs only makes you someone’s bi-… ahem… employee… no matter how much they insist it is your creation. The money is going somewhere, and only SOME of it is going to you.

Why the hell would I need an interview if I was going to “be my own boss” anyways? I guess I should have asked him that.

Oh, and the Jittery Joes hot chocolate was delicious.

I still don’t know what the his company does.

Oh well…