Your Accomplishments In Application

I really encourage you to make sure that you don’t come across as arrogant or pompous when you answer a prompt like this we can tell when I’m from the admission side when we read an application we already know if your GPA is high we know if your academics are good we know if you have a solid f80 score we know what your recommenders are saying about you we know the awards that you’ve won and the leadership positions that you’ve held so show us something tell us something that we can’t already read in another part of your application so what is something that you’ve accomplished that you are proud of individually right so tell us about something that really shows and paint you a character and your moral than your values another common one will be described a person who has influenced you.

If I had a dollar for every person that has said my grandfather my mother mother Teresa I would be very very rich and not to say that there’s anything wrong with using those as a person who influenced you if that is a person who has influenced you in your life absolutely you should write about it I just encourage you to make sure that you’re writing about it in a way that is unique to you right I’m so take a spin on it maybe that is not something that’s expected not something that I’m necessarily thinking that I’m going to hear when I first read those couple sentences of my mother is my hero she is the best person in the entire world so really paint that through your words and through vivid imagery and through storytelling I think that will certainly make that stand out and then lastly you’ll probably come across quite a few that will want you to discuss your leadership skills your ability or your academic personal potential your character moral values and potentially your future plans so it’s very very important that with looking at your future plans how will this educational experience of being in the university help you down the road right.

So how is that going to prepare you and give you the resources to be successful one of my favorite prompts that I’ve come across is imagine that it is 2060 and you are being given an award an international award what is the award that you’re being given and what have you achieved that you’re being acknowledged for because that really can show someone’s future plans but also it will show their their character it will show their ability it will show how much they’re really dreaming and they’re aiming high in their future and so really a lot of prompts they’re not going to look exactly like these ones that I’m sharing with you these are just some common examples you might come across them that are very unique and that really caught you to think and so it’s very important to really think through this thoroughly and know for certain that that this is you coming across on paper right.